fac. Fundación de Arte Contemporáneo

The fac, Contemporary Art Foundation was founded in 1999 as a collective of artists, whose objective is the dissemination and investigation of contemporary art and thoughts. 

Artists and curators from several countries have been invited, and some of them are an active part of the process of permanent archives, restoration, conservation, cataloging, and dissemination. Among the guests (chronological order): Narcisa Hirsch (Arg), Graciela Taquíni (Arg), Mariela Yeregui (Arg), Elvis Fuentes (Cuba), Marc Mercier (Fr), Veronique Sapin (Fr), Laura Baigorri (Esp), Stefano Canapa (It), Ruben Guzman (Arg), Bill Brand (USA), Juan Jose Mugni (Uru), Carlos Porro (Uru), Mark Street (USA), Lynn Sacks (USA), Barbara Hammer USA), Katy Martin (USA), Virginia Villaplana (Esp), Teresa Trujillo (Uru), Miguel Hernández (Esp), José Luis Brea (Esp), Maxi Jacoby (Arg), Julieta Keldjian (Uru), Paula Felix Didier (Arg), Claudio Caldini (Arg), etc. 

From the beginning, the emphasis has been placed on teaching as a tool for the development of artistic strategies, where ideas have a fundamental value at the moment of production. 

In 2008 the EDITAFAC project was formed, which crystallizes through the printed word the protagonists of the Archeology of the image, the ontology of the present. 

All these activities have been self-managed and sustained independently, and this refers to the fact that in different instances we receive support for specific operations of institutions such as Cultural Center of Spain of Uruguay and Brazil, National Museum of Visual Arts, Engelman Ost Collection, Editorial HUM, National Image Archive, New York University, Museo del Barrio, CENDEAC and Daros (book donation), among others.

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