Permanent Learning Program - Annual Course


Monday 6 to 8 PM / Wednesday 6 to 8 PM  

Thursday 11 AM to 1 PM  / Friday 6 to 8 PM

The groups are made up of art students, curators, collectors, specialists, artists, architects, designers, etc. The idea is to debate in a way that each theme is a trigger to question and reflect on the contemporary. The historical context of the reference productions is fundamental and specific; they do not belong to the time of the treasure and to that of late capitalism. The theme of the art market, therefore also enters the debate.

Decoloniality Module

  • Epistemic delinking 

  • State of the policy 

  • Decolonial aesthetics 

  • Ex form and coloniality 

  • Transfeminism and Queer - Racism 

  • The hidden face of modernity.

This module is presented with works by artists who manage decolonial conceptual strategies, political positions that show problems of creators from Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. The Antsui, Margolles and Galindo, Adrian Piper, Kara Walker, Glenn LIgon, Mounir Fatmi, Women creating, Tania Ostojic, among others.

Will be analyzed texts by Walter Mignolo, Silvia Rivera Cusicansqui, Nicolás Bourriad, etc.

Positivity and Transparency Module

  • Liquid art 
  • The double distance 
  • On the interpretation - From Cobra to Punk 
  • Rounded symbol 
  • The simplest object 
  • Art and its shadow

This module is presented with works by artists that handle conceptual strategies linked to transmodern and modern contexts. Globalized problems are put in context. Artists like Andrea Fraser, Christopher Wool, Erwin Wurn, Gillian Wearing, Louise Lawler, Gerard Richter, Pierre Huyghe, Hans Peter Feldman, Mark Leckey, Martin Creed, among others. 

Texts by Zigmunt Bauman, Boris Groys, Alain Badiou, Gilles Deleuze, Byung Chul Han, etc., will be analyzed.

Philosophy and Politics Module

  • Before pictures - Archive 

  • Art and politics 

  • Psychopolitics 

  • The painting 

  • Policy of art and anonymity

This module presents works by artists who handle pluriversal strategies. K. J. Marshal, Davis Hammons, Florine Stettheimer, Tracey Emin, Santiago Sierra, Ron Horn, Jeremy Deller, Chris Burden. 

Texts by Boris Groys, Jacques Ranciere, Walter Mignolo, Paul Ardenne, Byung Chul Han, Douglas Crimp, etc. will be analyzed.

Post Humanism Module

This module presents works by artists who venture into Bioarte, such as Eduardo Kac, Sterlac, Orlan, among others. 

The texts of the philosopher Peter Sloterdijk, Donna Haraway and Byung Chul Han are analyzed, going through the culture of books, bioethics, the android, cyber and robotic.